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Air for Life UK Ltd

Air for Life UK Ltd
Address: Suite 402, Milton Keynes Business Centre
Foxhunter Drive, Hayley Court, Linford Wood
City: Milton Keynes
Post Code: MK14 6GD
Country: United Kingdom
Phone Number: +44 7884008162
General Email: [members only]
Business Activity: Medical / Healthcare
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Business Activity: Biotechnology
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Air For Life Technology started with NASA in 1994. A revolutionary ionizing technology called PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) was developed in order to extend the life of fruits and vegetables in the space shuttle.

Professor N. Ghosh from West Texas A&M University (Head of Air For Life Research & Development) and his team of scientists further engineered this NASA Developed Technology to create a nanotechnology AFLPCO® (Air For Life Photocatalytic Oxidation) and incorporated this advanced technology into a specially designed range of next generation purifiers and sanitisers called Sanifiers®.

AFLPCO® combined with AFL Plasma® produces millions of human friendly negative ions, more than any other purifier or ioniser on the market today. These ions destroy on contact impurities in the air such as dust, pollen, pet dander, VOC’s (volatile organic compunds), bacteria (including MRSA) and viruses such as coronaviruses). They also eliminate offensive odours, bathroom and cooking smells at the source and do not mask them like an air freshener. Leaving 99.9% clean, fresh, safe air and surfaces.

These are the same ions that are found in sea air, mountain air and by lakes and waterfalls. Negative ions have many health benefits and are scientifically proven to increase concentration levels and improve quality of sleep and mood, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. They are known as the “vitamins of the air”.

Most purifiers contain filters such as HEPA filters that cannot trap small bacteria and viruses. Air For Life Sanifiers® contain NO FILTERS and can kill the disease causing bacteria and viruses that pass through filters.

We are also proudly present AFL Mask® a Thailand FDA approved medical grade mask consists of 4 layers of filters for protecting the user from virus, bacteria, VOCs, PM 2.5 and Bad odors. Combining with innovative built-in fan suitable for tropical countries and confined spaces.

For more information visit and for the latest updates follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @airforlifesaver.
Products or Services
AFL Wall Mount
AFL Plasma
AFL Mini Sanifier
AFL Car Sanifier
AFL Mask
AFL Sonic toothbrush
AFL Hand Sanitizer
Global Entrepreneur Programme Department of International Trade Great Britain (Dealmaker Alpesh Patel)
OCTO Telematics SPA.
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Jay Vitale
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Barclays Bank PLC
BCCT Member Company since 2018


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