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Scotsbridge Limited

Scotsbridge Limited
Post Code: AB418DE
Country: United Kingdom
Phone Number: +44 7827359646
General Email: [members only]
Business Activity: Consultancy Services
Business Activity: Sales / Distribution / Logistics
Business Activity: Professional Consulting Services for Industry
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Growing your company’s business activity is key to your sustainability. The Southeast Asian market is thriving and there is a need for the products and services we provide here in the UK to become available in this area.

As with any business decision, the right research, planning and strategy must be put in place to ensure the move and expansion is a success.

At Scotsbridge, we provide you with a platform and strategic support to get you from the discovery of a new region, to securing business in a new market. We use our years of experience and knowledge to guide your company, and we are with you every step of the way.
Products or Services
Each market around the world operates differently. Whilst it is important you are given an introduction to your new region, the next key step is to dive deeper into the roots of the market to find out what makes your key customers tick, that is where Scotsbridge step in to guide you through.

The Southeast Asian market has different customs and processes that make entering the area a challenge. We have the know-how and local knowledge that can help you to secure your first contract.

We provide an immersive solution for you – making your expectations a reality.
With a career spanning over 30 years, Mark has built up his solid reputation globally. Before founding Scotsbridge, Mark held the position of managing director at John Bell Pipeline and helped the company achieve growth in sales and expansion internationally. He has created and implemented, successfully, a number of enhanced supply chain and cost efficiency models during his time with the company.

Mark’s passion is business. Having mentored companies through the Scottish Chamber of Commerce over the last six years, he has built upon his industry knowledge and utilised it, allowing him to support and help companies plan for expansion. He is also keen to assist the younger generations into business and has been working with Young Enterprise Scotland initiative in secondary schools.
Board of Directors
Mark Skinner - Managing Director
Don Wang Regional Director
BCCT Member Company since 2020


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