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3 takeaways from Wes Anderson to boost your brand

Even before seeing his name in the credits, most people will know that they’re watching a Wes Anderson film. Anderson's trademark aesthetic is on display in practically every frame of The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, and other classics – despite these films having different types of narratives.

Wes Anderson’s storytelling choices are what distinguishes him as an auteur – an artist whose directing style is so distinct that you can recognize them by their work.

The phenomenon of auteurism has a lot to teach about doing business. At our digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand, one of our most important tasks is to create a brand presence for our clients that sets them apart from the competition.

Here are three suggestions for improving your marketing strategy, inspired by director Wes Anderson.


1. Style is the best friend of substance

In life, you'll often hear a preference for substance over style. Ideally, however, both can be combined to make for a story which is both compelling and immersive.

Most of the time color palettes may seem purely aesthetic, or almost arbitrary – but Wes Anderson uses them expressively to give texture to his stories. In Moonrise Kingdom, greens and yellows add youthful nostalgia to a coming-of-age story about teenage romance.

Likewise, a smart marketing plan should include strong style choices that complement its key messages. If you’re trying to let young professionals know that your company is a friendly place, you might choose to adopt more casual language, or use bright colors.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Lexicon takes into account these and other details, both large and small, to establish the right tone of voice for our clients’ stories.


2. Consistency is key

Consistency of his style is a huge part of what makes Wes Anderson’s films unique. Anderson takes a similar approach to color schemes, costuming, soundtracks, and typography in all of his works. Even if the choices he makes are specific to each film, it’s this repeated focus that gives his work a distinct directorial flair.

While companies don’t need to cherry-pick outfits to boost their brand, having a consistent marketing style displays confidence, dependability and authority. Conversely, an inconsistent format can damage your marketing efforts by inadvertently causing confusion.



3. Eccentricity can be an asset

Most enterprises want to reach as many people as possible – but you shouldn’t force a voice that doesn't fit.

Wes Anderson distinguishes himself from many of his contemporaries by picking theatrics over gritty realism. Some of his films are divided into acts, which are then subdivided into chapters. In addition, the director prefers symmetrical, flat compositions that mimic the dimensions of a stage play. By breaking convention, Wes Anderson has earned himself a massive following.

Although following in the footsteps of successful companies will always be a temptation, there's no reason to be like everyone else in your field. The very qualities that distinguish you and your company can also be the very same things that strengthen your brand strategy.


Become your own marketing auteur

Successful marketing is all about finding a great way to tell a good story. By displaying the confidence and originality of an auteur, your company can truly stand out from the crowd.

If your business is looking to build a strong brand presence, our digital marketing agency in Thailand can help. Contact us today to get started.