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KIS International School IB Students Celebrate Strong Exam Results

Graduates Attend Some of the Finest Universities in the World


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is respected around the world as one of the most rigorous high school diploma programmes. Students select six IB courses at the end of 10th grade and work tirelessly for two years to sit the exams and wait with bated breath until results are posted in early July.

The graduating class of 2022 was uniquely challenged to handle this trying curriculum entirely during the pandemic. They began their IBDP courses in August 2020 and spent most of the following two years online or in a hybrid model of instruction.


We are incredibly proud of the resilience they have shown in achieving this goal. Forty percent of our graduating class undertook the additional challenge of a bilingual diploma, and forty percent also achieved a remarkable score of 35 or higher.


We are proud to share that our IBDP average score of 33 continues to be above the worldwide average of 32, with an overall pass rate of nearly 90%. They leave KIS with the lifelong skills that the IB curriculum instills: principled, caring, and knowledgeable risk-takers ready to improve the world.

Today we celebrate not only the academic achievements of our students, but also recognize and appreciate the amazing educators that have stretched well beyond their comfort zones, reinventing themselves, their teaching styles, and delivering the IB curriculum throughout this trying pandemic time.


Our students have been expertly guided by our faculty to develop skills in such areas as thinking critically and creatively, problem-solving, reflecting, communicating, social skills, collaboration, self-management, self-motivation, resilience, emotional management, time management, research, and information literacy. These skills allow them to continue learning throughout their lives and to have what it takes to be the innovators of the future.

Thanks to our students' outstanding results, they have been accepted at top universities around the world.




About KIS International School

KIS International School is known for its dynamic curriculum and passionate educators that guides students toward thinking for themselves and taking control of their learning. Students develop skills to help them become global leaders that can transform the world into one that is more compassionate, sustainable, and prosperous.

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