An interesting historical reference, the history of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand from World War II to present day.

  • Chamber Membership - The following figures are based on the total number of members, including both Ordinary (British) members and Associate or Non-Ordinary members (non-British).
  • Weathering the Storm of the Seventies - The 1970's was a decade of upheaval for Thailand, both economically and politically, and brought about many social and industrial changes.
  • Getting Serious in the Sixties - It was during the early to mid '60s that the Chamber began to take a serious look at the role it played in the commercial community as a representative body.
  • Honorary Members - Current list of Honorary Members
  • The Growth Years of the Eighties & Nineties - 1980, the Year of Tourism, got off to a steadier start with the installation in March of General Prem Tinsulanonda as Prime Minister, and thence followed a decade of relative stability in Thailand.
  • The First Fifty Years - A History of the Chamber - Although Thailand was never a colony, being a 'farang', a non-Asian expatriate, in Pre-war Bangkok typified the lifestyle one associates with the era of Far East colonialism.
  • Special thanks ... - Special thanks go to Nigel Overy, Dacre Raikes, Alistair Greenlees and Carsten Dencker Nielsen for their input into the compilation of this history and to Inchcape for the Borneo Company pictures.
  • Preparing the Way for a British Chamber - The period after the war was one of rebuilding, as British and other companies sent staff out to re-establish their offices and businesses. Little physical damage was done to Bangkok by the Allied bombing, so most companies had been spared.
  • Chairmen of the BCCT - List of Chairman of the BCCT from 1946 to present day.